HIHO Stand-Up Paddle
Where to Paddle


Beef Island Bridge
Launch near the bridge and gunkhole around the mangroves. Note that there can be quite a bit of current under the bridge. The water is almost always mirror flat. Head out to the reef and catch a wave.

Josiah’s Bay
Great wave riding. Experts may consider heading down to Cooten Bay to ride the lefts. Josiah’s is a great place to start a downwind paddle down the North Shore. Rogues Point offers great exploring, but don’t get to close if there is a swell running.

Brewers Bay
Great flat water exploring, and fun waves if there is a swell running. We do not recommend the West side of the bay if there is a big swell.

Can Garden Bay
plenty of flat water paddling! We don’t recommend surfing the Cane Garden Bay point unless you are an absolute expert!

Carrot Bay
Great waves to ride in a swell!

Belmont Bay
Fun waves to ride out by Drowning Rock which is located about 100 yards offshore from the black rock on the beach.

Fun flat water paddling and a small left to ride when there is a swell.